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Four MAJOR Rules of Successful Marketing

We can probably sum up the four major rules of successful marketing into two words…but I will save that for the end and you will just need to stay tuned. ūüôā These rules are easy, yet take¬†initiative. These rules are fun, yet require passion. So if you have passion and initiative, let’s get started with […]


Facebook Biz Page admins and what they can do?

Facebook allows each person to have one personal profile. Yet, multiple profiles can manage multiple business pages. ¬†Are you still with me? This is one of the most amazing things that facebook could have done. With your entire team having access to your brand’s Facebook Business Page, you can engage more and delegate tasks. In […]


{Video} – Instagram Overview

Instagram¬†is a great visual tool in the world of social media. Therefore, as a wedding professional it is more than a great tool… it is a necessity!!¬†Instagram¬†gives you the power to show your audience and colleagues all that inspires you, that ¬†motivates you and that has been created by you. I’m sure you have heard […]


Little pieces of you!

Every time you do something, you are representing your company. In the bridal industry, your engaged prospects are just that… Engaged!! They are fully involved in the wedding process and in the marketplace. They have eyes and ears everywhere.¬†You must keep a consistent message to your audience at all times… even when you are sleeping!! […]


Think Social!

Social Media outlets are marketing tools not sales tools! Now, we can get into the fact that marketing tools are sales tools in themselves but do you send contracts out via faceboook? Are you following up on contract negotiations via twitter? ¬†I sure hope not. Social Media outlets are meant to increase awareness of your […]


Justify the Investment & Don’t Skimp!

Yes this is about investments, the fancy word we like to use when we spend money and justify it. Justifying a personal purchase might sound like “Yes, I have black boots that keep my feet warm and look killer, but I need to have these boots because they are brown, killer, and would match that […]


Rebroadcast Your Marketing

I don’t know about you, but I am lucky to find myself in the most gracious and loving industry… the bridal industry! I love it! I love you for being a part of it too! The business owners, the vendors, *most* of the brides! The industry has a LOT of benefits that exceed the warm, […]