Since 2011, we’ve been building polished brands, effective marketing strategies, and stylish websites for event planners, photographers, PR firms, interior designers, and lifestyle brands galore.

And with a team of expert copywriters, graphic designers, and brand photographers at our disposal, you can focus on doing what you do — you know, the reason you went into business in the first place — while we handle everything else.

Because being the best in the business doesn’t mean squat if you can’t get the right customers in the door.

Fortunately, we know just how to do that.

Crystal Dove

Official Organizer of Everyone & Everything in Her Path

Crystal is obsessed with all the tiny little details of a project (and sushi). She’s got a gift — not only for making meaning out of all those confusing analytics and statistics, but for translating them into a clear, effective strategy for your business. And she loves to explain it all to you, often using weird metaphors that somehow make the whole thing so much easier to understand.

When you work with Marketing Queen, Crystal will even help redesign your workflow to accommodate all those market-y things you need to be doing but aren’t doing. Whether we take them on for you, or teach you how to DIY, you can expect an easy-to-use system complete with visual tools, systems tutorials, bulleted task lists, and maybe even some fun stickers.

Inkwell Press paper planner
Pickles. All Clowns and Mascots.

World’s Biggest
Sushi Fan

Adrienne Gervasio

Wrangler of Blog Posts, Social Media Content, and Alllllll Those Analytics

Adrienne is constantly elbow-deep in content — staging and publishing blog posts, laying out website content, and creating branded social media posts based on existing content (blog posts, promotions, press, etc.).

She also spends a lot of time — like, a lot — rooting around in analytics and data, so we always have real-time knowledge around how well our strategies are working, and where tweaks need to be made.

Adrienne’s our quiet, in-the-zone worker who prefers to be inundated with as many details as possible on any given project. Don’t be fooled though — she’s probably jammin’ out to some 90s hip hop in those headphones.

Healthy all the time, unless there’s pizza. Or wine.
Watches the Kardashians. Not ashamed.

Commercial Star
(no really!)

Lynda Junge

The Eagle Eye Overseer Who Makes Sure Everything Looks *Just* Right

Lynda’s our Purveyor of Pretty Things. She creates logos, brand imagery, specialty graphics, and print materials for Marketing Queen clients — and she’s kind of intense about kerning.

Lynda lends her eagle design-eye to every project, ensuring visual consistency, on-brand imagery, and overall design goodness across every element we get our grubby little hands on.

You can find out more about Lynda (and see her fab designs) at

True crime. Watermelon mojitos. Dawes.
(not counting fonts & color palettes)
Lynda used to work as a “salad girl,” applying her design skills to some very fancy relish trays.

Office Deejay

Our Badges

They may not be Girl Scout approved, but we have earned them. We like to think of them as digital street cred!