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Website Conversions: What Are They and Why Are They Important?


Crystal Dove

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We all work hard to keep our websites looking great, optimized and working efficiently. Great analytics and a high website conversion rate should be part of this strategy. You work hard for leads and invest your hard earned money into a website that represents your brand!

If you need to learn more about tracking analytics and utilizing apps like Google Analytics, you can read our previous blog post about that here.

So, it’s important to ask if your website is doing its job correctly – is it converting

A website that is converting is taking visitors on an interactive journey, one that intrigues them, and provides clear direction and opportunities to engage. 

Website conversion is a term used in marketing to describe a successful action taken by a visitor on your website. We need to know why people are visiting our site, what they’re looking for and how they want to engage with it to maintain a great conversion rate. 

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Do you know the types of opportunities you can provide on a website to engage your visitors and direct them to action? 

This is a very important question you have to ask yourself as a business owner or marketing professional! When you know the answer, it’s easier to create an appropriate strategy to make sure your website converts. 

Why Do Website Conversions Matter? 

A website must be converting visitors or it is not doing its job.

There can be multiple points of conversion on a website, or actions that visitors can take. Conversions are key, because they mean that your customers are taking action with your content and brand. 

Without conversions, you cannot measure customer interaction. It’s important to understand the many ways that your customers can take action – or convert – on your website. 

Let’s take a look at eight types of website conversions to help you accurately determine if your website is working for your brand! 

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Top 8 Types of Website Conversions:

Website visitors can take any number of actions on your website, and they all have different benefits for your business. Below are eight different types of website conversions that you can aim to receive on your website. 

Visitors can: 

  1. Follow You On Social Media
  2. Join Your Email Marketing List
  3. Submit An Inquiry Form
    • Example: request a quote, submit various inquiry forms on the site (therefore you have multiple points of conversion)
  4. Schedule A Meeting 
  5. Starting A Live Chat
    • This is dependent on if you have this functionality on your site, and have this need for this customer service functionality
  6. Perform A Search
    • This can be a “sneaky” conversion that shows engagement with your content. They really want to find something if they are performing a search. Be sure to give it to them! 
    • Does your website have a search bar? You could be missing out on a conversion.
  1. Add To Cart Button
    • Bonus Option: Add to Favorites / Wishlist 
      • This allows you to follow up via email later for retargeting. You might still capture that sale! 
  2. Buy a Product (physical or virtual)
    • This could be a paid product OR a free product 
    • It could also be a subscribing to a monthly package

Your website conversion rate is very telling of which calls to action on your website are working well and which ones need improvement. Having a strategy for tracking your conversions is a key part of this process. Check out some helpful formulas for tracking this data here.

When you understand the importance of website conversions, and the clear options you can give your website visitors to interact with, you will be in a better position to increase your website conversions. 

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eight types of website conversions
Eight Types of Website Conversions
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