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Here are a few websites and services that I love…a few of my favorite things, if you will. Maybe they will be helpful to you too!

Getting Your Business Started


Get online with the world's Best -! – I personally love, love, love their customer service. Anything you need to set up, they will walk you through. There are consistently great promotions out their for all of their products. AND, recently, they launched their “Managed WordPress” hosting plan (<– that link should get you $1/month hosting) that is the greatest solution for any business owner just getting started with WordPress. I highly recommend these guys!!!

– Another fabulous company that really makes the life of an entrepreneur sooo much easier. For a very small user fee, Google Apps offer not only email that is – but also a calendar system, cloud storage, branded YouTube channels, GooglePlus brand pages and more! They walk you through every step beautifully… it’s come a long way since I started and every step is for the better!!

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

 CONSTANT CONTACT – A great tool for setting up your email marketing list. While I am not the biggest fan of email marketing, I do believe that growing a list and utilizing it strategically can be effective for some industries. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your audience and hook them on continuing to learn more and more about what’s going on in your business.

Fancy WordPress Plugins

Premium WordPress Gallery Plugin

– This plugin is your best friend. With so many galleries to choose from, I highly recommend subscribing for the NextGen PLUS. The filmstrip slideshow may be my favorite!

Social Media Sites That Will Change Your Life

No, really…. check these out:

– This fabulous website will help you to maintain your Pinterest presence and be efficient!! Are you ready for this? They will help you to bulk upload and edit your images, and then schedule your pins to post whenever you tell it to!! If you don’t think you need ViralTag, I need to learn your secret…do tell!

Hootsuite: Social Relationship Platform

HOOTSUITE – This is the go-to of anyone starting to strategize their social media efforts and schedule tweets and posts to G+ and LinkedIn pages. While they do offer scheduling of Facebook messages, I recommend using the actual Facebook app for that. Facebook hasn’t allowed 3rd parties to tag other vendors that you may with to in your posts, but you can in Facebook itself and then schedule right there.

Social media management for exceptional companies

 – I personally use Sprout Social because of the amazing reports and tracking that it presents, as it monitors and schedules posts to multiple social media accounts. It’s more expensive than HootSuite but I believe it has more nuggets to play with, and thus worth it!

Organizational Resources

An Artistic Touch

– I just ordered my first planner from her inaugural collection for 2015. I can’t wait but so far, I am thoroughly impressed with her email communications, designs, attention to detail in the planner productions. I can’t wait to receive my InkWell Press Planner in the mail and show it off!
– Who doesn’t love all of their color! Poppin has some of the best desk accessories anyone could ask for. Their office supplies come in each and every color, mix and match them or go with just one. I tend to like the look of mixing white with pops of two other colors. I’m still debating which ones are my favorite, so as soon as you figure your out – let me know!

ERIN CONDREN – You have probably seen her around – her work is so creative. Her brand is vibrant and I am completely drawn in by the endless number of color options and patterns. I have recently purchased many washi tape tabs from her site, personalizing all of them! They work perfectly in my wall calendar and planner. LOVE!

STICKER YOU – Who doesn’t remember the fun and excitement of receiving a gold star sticker at home! Now your clients can feel the excitement when they receive a branded sticker, appropriately (and professionally) labeling a cute gift, package or product. Stickers are the easiest way to have a ready-to-go logo, capable of being put on nearly anything!

The Money Stuff


– Surely, this must be the easiest way to invoice clients, track your expenses and even send out estimates for prospects to approve. Since it’s online, you can sync it with your bank account, credit card… and access it from any computer!