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Branding is the most important part of your business! It’s the look, the voice, the appearance, and personality of your business. Your branding is most effective when you are being consistent with your image. Does your logo best represent the level of services that you provide? Do you use the same font and color palette on all of your correspondence to clients? How about the words and phrases that you use? It’s all part of your brand’s person that needs to be put in check regularly.

All-Inclusive Services

Logo Creation and Brand Tweaks

Whether you’re in need of a brand new logo, or your current logo need a fresh coat of paint … my partners in crime can help you! I work with some of the best graphic designers that I know. Each brings a phenomenal sense of timelessness to logo design, ensuring that you will have a brand that lasts and lasts. We will go through a process of finding out what your style is, what kind of brand your audience will resonate with, and how to bring your business goals and vision to life!

WordPress Website Design

Your website is your virtual storefront. It establishes your brand’s credibility, showcases your product, and drives actual sales to your inbox. Let’s make your brand a website that makes you proud and the search engines happy. As a small business owners myself, I’ve found the effective tools that don’t have a crazy price tag.

Social Media Branding  

This package brings together all of the different elements listed on the right side of this page, and adds a few more. We look at all applicable social media outlets for your brand and design every element that we can to represent your company at it’s best. For help in distributing messages on these outlets, visit our Social Media page.

Extended Services

Our Extended Branding Services take your brand’s foundation and stretch it out across all of your online channels so that you can put your best foot forward. Each social media outlet allows you to brand different areas of your profile page.

Facebook Branding

  • Set up of a Facebook Business Page
  • Custom Cover Photo Template
  • Branded Profile Pic
  • 3rd Party Applications & Tab Design
  • Image Post Templates with Watermarks

Twitter Branding

  • Set up of a Twitter Profile
  • Custom Background Image
  • Custom Header Image
  • Branded Profile Pic

Additional Social Media Outlets

  • Setup of Instagram, Pinterest, GooglePlus, and more.
  • Fully branded LinkedIN Business Page
  • Branded Avatar Design
  • Pinterest Pinboard Cover Design