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I love social media… duh!!  So join me in the world of social media, wherever you feel comfortable. Is it within the more corporate setting of LinkedIN? the creative bookmarking world of Pinterest? or the irresistible world (literally) of Facebook?  I have a presence on all of them, and I do suggest you work your way to engaging with your own target market in the social worlds where they exist. Whether you joined years ago, or you are joining for the first time today… be sure to reach out and say hello!


I am absolutely obsessed with Pinterest. For personal wishlists, creative inspirations, and visual bookmarking… Pinterest is an invaluable tool for me! And like many brides out there, I used Pinterest to gather all of my likes, dislikes, wants, and *needs* for my special day. Here is a snapshot of a few of my pinboard that will probably mean the most to you!