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Sometimes we all just need a little encouragement from the sidelines.

Full-Service Coaching

Hands On Approach

  • Quarterly Goals Meeting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Weekly Sessions Outlining Current Tasks
  • Ongoing Consultation and Advice

Custom Retainer

What You Need & How You Need It
  • Services Based On Your Needs
  • What You Don’t Have Time To Do

A La Carte Consultations

Strategy Consultations

We will set up a 2-hour block of time to walk through your marketing efforts and goals, your capabilities and set-up. We will determine how you can use your website, your blog and your social media to reach your goals. Will will sit down one-on-one, to create your marketing strategy. This will include not only ways for your to execute the plan, but also to track the plan’s effectiveness using Google Analytics and other fun tools!

Training Sessions

Whether you want to brush up your skills or start from scratch, we can set up a hands on training session to get you the knowledge you are looking for. You can schedule as many of these strategy sessions as you would like, whenever you would like about whatever social media and marketing topic that floats your boat.

Training & Ongoing Consultation

Guidance and training for you and your team. See also my coaching services.